Child’s First Visit


Building Positive Experiences

Dr. Clinton Callahan’s goal is to make your child’s experience at the dentist as positive as possible. New experiences of any kind can be scary, and it’s not unusual for kids to be anxious or even cry from a fear of the unknown. Once they leave our Colorado Springs office smiling, after a fun, pain-free visit, that anxiety will fade.

We recommend bringing your toddler to see us around their first birthday. But of course, even if this date has passed, or if your older child needs a new dentist, we’re happy to welcome you into our dental family!

Many parents ask what to expect with the new patient examination and consultation. We advise not to over-prepare your child before their first visit with us. You can help them get excited by giving them an idea of what to expect, but if you feel anxious about what will happen, they’ll sense that and behave accordingly. We spend plenty of time getting to know each patient and letting them get comfortable with us and the tools we’ll use. Most of them decide coming to the dentist is cool!