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Your Child’s Comfort

Simple Solutions to Ease Your Child through Treatment

Your child’s comfort is a high priority at Springs Pediatric Dental Care. We offer a range of sedation and relaxation techniques to minimize any discomfort during certain procedures.

Nitrous oxide/oxygen analgesia is a safe and mild form of sedation that we use routinely in our Colorado Springs office. A fitted mask is placed over the nose, and the gases are absorbed into the lungs through normal breathing. Uptake of the gas is very quick, as is its elimination, so there are very few lingering effects. As your child breathes the gases, they may experience a sense of euphoria or even giddiness (hence the name “laughing gas”). Nitrous oxide raises the pain threshold and suppresses the gag reflex, diminishing the unpleasant stimuli that some people associate with dental treatment.

When necessary, we perform dental treatment under conscious sedation. In the vast majority of cases, sedative medications are administered orally in the form of flavored liquids. Conscious sedation will cause most children to become relaxed and drowsy, but it is not intended to induce a state of unconsciousness. Conscious sedation is a wonderful tool to help those patients that are unable to cooperate due to their young age or a high level of anxiety. It is also very useful to make invasive or long procedures more comfortable for the patient.

General anesthesia (GA) is a controlled state of unconsciousness that eliminates awareness, movement, and discomfort during dental treatment. We perform treatment under GA in an operating room setting, usually on an outpatient basis. The GA is performed by an anesthesiologist in a properly equipped and staffed OR. We reserve this option for those children with severe anxiety, extensive dental needs, and special health care needs.

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