When you become a parent for the first time, you have a lot to think about. However, you might not think about children’s dentistry, especially when your child is still an infant. This is actually the best time to start planning the seeds of healthy oral hygiene in preparation for the days when your child brushes, flosses, and makes dentist appointments independently. After all, you want your son or daughter’s children’s dentistry experience with Dr. Clinton Callahan, a pediatric dentist serving Colorado Springs, CO, to be second to none.

In fact, if your child is a toddler or older, please come to visit us! We love to give families and young patients a tour of our comfortable, kid-friendly facility. You’ll appreciate the care we put toward our commitment to children’s dentistry excellence.

In the meantime, our team can share a few tips to help you set the stage for your child’s best possible dental health.

Make Brushing and Flossing a Lifetime Habit

Even if your child’s teeth haven’t fully erupted, gently rub his or her gums with a damp, soft washcloth twice daily. Not only will this stimulate the gums, but it will introduce your child to the feeling of having a cleaner mouth. When your child’s teeth do start to erupt, use a cloth to “brush” each tooth. You may also use a dab of kid-appropriate toothpaste.

Eventually, your child will become accustomed to this routine. Kids who feel comfortable cleaning their teeth in the morning and evening tend to stick with the habit. In fact, your child may remind you after breakfast or before bed that it’s time to brush!

Talk About Children’s Dentistry in a Positive Way

Even if you had a bad experience with a dentist as a child, you should always remain positive when you discuss children’s dentistry with your son or daughter. Otherwise, you might transfer your dental anxiety or expectations of discomfort.

Many children learn to be afraid of the dentist, which can cause them stress when they meet a dentist for the first time. Be positive and upbeat when you talk about going to your own dentist, and your child will be more apt to do likewise.

Kids Need Cavity Checks Too!

Parents may assume that decayed “baby” teeth are not a big problem. This is a myth. Allowing a child’s first teeth to become decayed usually leads to problems when their permanent teeth erupt.

Rather than ignoring signs of tooth decay in your child, make sure you visit a pediatric dentist early for routine check-ups. The pediatric dentist and hygienist will assess your child’s teeth. If your child does get a cavity, the cavity will be filled to lessen the likelihood of future decay.

Sometimes, Dr. Callahan may recommend dental sealants. This preventative treatment offers an additional layer of protection against cavities.

Schedule Your Child’s First Dental Visit Today

As a mom or dad, you have plenty of influence on your child’s future dental health, hygiene, and behaviors. Introduce healthy dental habits from day one, and your child will benefit for a lifetime.

Live in the Colorado Springs, CO, area? We welcome you to schedule your child’s first appointment at our practice. Give us a call to arrange a time that works best for your family.