Tooth Colored Fillings

A cavity doesn’t mean your child has to lose a great looking smile. Dr. Callahan hasn’t placed a silver-mercury amalgam for years. Not because of possible toxicity concerns, but because modern dental restoration material is so aesthetically pleasing. Tooth colored fillings make it possible for your child’s fillings to look completely natural. As a bonus, the white bonded fillings adhere better to the teeth, making future decay less of a risk.

In The Case Of A Crown

For some of our Colorado Springs patients, extensive decay may require something a little larger than a filling. For molars, we usually place durable, strong, economical stainless steel crowns. For teeth that are more visible, we can create tooth-colored crowns that are hard to distinguish from natural teeth. Learn more about fillings and crowns. Give us a call today (719) 265-9600.