Chances are as a parent or guardian, uttering the phrase, “We’re going to the dentist!”, may not garner cartwheels or jumps of joy from your child. For many children, a visit to the pediatric dentist can be scary or stressful. At Springs Pediatric Dental Care in Colorado Springs, CO, we take the stress and fear out of visiting the dentist, and replace it with fun!

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry[1], children should visit their pediatric dentist by the age of one. Find out how you can help your child have a wonderful visit to the dentist. Dr. Clinton Callahan and his devoted pediatric dental team provide quality care for children of all ages. Schedule an appointment with us and let us welcome you and your child to the dentist!

Begin with Good Hygiene

It is never too early to begin to lay the foundation for proper oral hygiene. Share the joys of toothbrushing and flossing with your child. You may consider creating songs, or rhymes about brushing and flossing to instill healthy habits for your child. You should also consider brushing your own teeth along with your child. This way, your child will be assured that daily oral hygiene is fun and painless. So, make that trip to the sink a fun and festive one by celebrating the joys of brushing! Once your child sees that oral hygiene is wonderful, the trip to the dentist will be a joyous one as well.

Security Is Key

If your child has a favorite toy, or item that brings them comfort or security, allow him or her to bring it to the dentist. Children need to feel safe and secure – and what better way to have security than with a familiar friend sharing that dental chair? Once at the pediatric dentist, your child will be a bit calmer and more relaxed knowing that he or she is not alone.

Choosing Words Wisely

Before your visit to the pediatric dentist, it may be best to consider the language you will use. For example, words such as “drill”, “needle”, or “injection” may not be the best words when referencing your dental visit. Such words can be perceived as negative and can bring about crying episodes or resistance to going to the dentist. As a parent/caregiver, you are quite familiar with word choice. So, consider using words such as “the sprayer”, “the singing brush”, or “the big ole vacuum” instead. You will be surprised at how word choice will create a wonderful dental experience for you and your child.

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At Springs Pediatric Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing a joyous and memorable dental visit for you and your child. Our waiting room is festive and outfitted with books, learning videos, educational toys, and more. With Dr. Callahan and his staff, there is nothing but a “kid-friendly” environment to be found in our dental office. We also offer an array of services to meet the various needs of children from all dental and developmental backgrounds. So, if you are on a quest to find a new pediatric dentist, let your search end with Springs Pediatric Dental Care Schedule an appointment with us online , or call us at (719) 265-9600 to discuss your child’s dental needs.